Voting results tallied

The Constitutional Amendment Election was held yesterday, with a total of 654 votes cast over the nine county precincts.The majority of the votes came in on Tuesday, with 473 ballots cast. Early voting totals--two weeks prior to the election--totaled 172, while nine ballots were cast via voting by mail.Nine propositions were on the ballot, with all measures passing. The main topic of discussion within the voting was Proposition 6, which dealt with using funding from the state's Rainy Day Fun to expand water supplies to keep up with the state's growth.Propositions 1 and 4, respectively, dealt with provisions for military spouses--either deceased in action or partially disabled--on an exemption on all or some part of the market value of the late spouse's residence (Prop 1.), as well as tax exemptions on the residence as long as the home was donated to the veteran by a charity (Prop. 4).Other propositions included the repealing of the State Medical Education Board and Fund (Prop. 2), allowing political subdivisions more time for aircraft parts to remain in the state without being taxed (Prop. 3), and allowing reverse mortgages for people over the age of 62 for the purchase of homestead property (Prop. 5).The final three propositions would allow a home-rule municipality to fill a governing official's vacancy if the unexpired term is one year or less (Prop. 7), dealt with the Hidalgo County hospital district, and the way the State Commission on Judicial Conduct warns the public about the misbehavior of judges.The election results are as follows:Proposition 1: For - 562; Against - 79Proposition 2: For - 549; Against - 84Proposition 3: For - 334; Against - 278Proposition 4: For - 544; Against - 90Proposition 5: For - 378; Against - 232Proposition 6: For - 511; Against - 140Proposition 7: For - 467; Against - 144Proposition 8: For - 437; Against - 149Proposition 9: For - 506; Against - 94