WASP Museum hosts 5K run

The WASP Museum (Women’s Air Service Pilots) hosted runners of all ages Saturday afternoon for their annual Run for the WASP. The WASP run is an annul fundraiser benefitting the museum and honoring the women who served as WASPs.Men and women competed in a 5K run, while others could walk a mile to show support.A variety of people participated. There were runners and walkers who were veterans themselves and participated in the annual event to show their support for fellow veterans like the WASP.  Others did it to support the local museum, while some of the participants simply enjoy running events.Some walkers pushed strollers with small children while a group of women from a new roller derby team in Sweetwater skated during the walk. They were with the Dark Horse Roller Derby.A mile run for kids ages 6 to 12 followed the 5K, and the top finishers for that race were also recognized.The event took place at the museum, and part of the trail took runners and walkers through the Texas State Technical College campus.To start things off, a group of ladies warmed up with Zumba, led by Alejandra Garza, who recently opened a Zumba studio on 211 Oak Street in Sweetwater called Zynergy Fitness.The top finishers – male and female - of each age category in the 5K run were presented medals in a presentation ceremony following the races. There were participants in the 14-and-under age group, all the way up to the 60-69 age group.Ben Lantrip of Tuscola won first place overall with a time of 19:34 for the 5K run and was the first-place male finisher. He was the sole male participant in the 15-19 age category. Erica McRell was the top female finisher for the 5K run with a time of 24:38, who topped the 20-29 age group.Following are the remaining top finishers from the rest of the age categories.The top three males in the 14-and-under category were Dylan Phillips, Gregory Paty and Benjum Terral. The top females in the same age group were Jaci Alexander and Maddie Terral.While Lantrip was the top male finisher for the 15-19 age group, Courtney Berringer was the top finisher in this group for the women.The top three men in the 20-29 group were Christopher Davila, Cliff Nevins and Mark Hansen. The top three women in this category were Erica McRell, Tanya Hansen and Jenny Johnson.For the 30-39 category, the top three men were Billy Joe Elmer, Roy Keenan and Mike Fernandez. The top women were Tamara Alexander, Andrea Themely and Jennifer Bankhead.In the 40-49 category, David Lantrip finished first, followed by Andy Wilson and Marvin Kirkland, Jr. The top females in this category were Marcia Moreland and Mari Cornett.The top three male finishers in the 50-59 age group were Bob Tailon, Sammie Harrison and Victor Morales. Tailon finished just five seconds after the overall winner. The top three women in the category were Debbie Nevins, Gracie Garza and Jacie Howard.Finally, Gary Garson was the top finisher for the 60-69 age group, while Anne Frawley was the top female finisher in this group.