Water Tank Issues Discussed; Election Workers Approved; $0.497423 Tax Rate Approved


The City Commission of the City of Sweetwater met in regular session on Tuesday September 18, at 10:30 a.m. in the City Commission Room of the City Hall, 200 E. 4th Street, Sweetwater
Jim Lee led the invocation.
After the Pledges of Allegiance to the Flags of the United States of America and the State of Texas. The Commission went into the action items portion of the agenda, which first involved presentations from Mr. Sage Diller, PE, eHT, and Mr. Rick Kasberg, PE, KPA Engineering, on the elevated storage tank project, and City Commission to discuss, consider and act upon a proposal to address issues with the water distribution system and newly constructed elevated storage tank.
Miller spoke of a design flaw on plans in the water tank that was sending an 8 psi increase into the system. This could lead to increase leakage and line breakage. A technical memorandum was then drawn up and an in-depth analysis was presented to the Commission. The tanks are designed to utilize a minimum of 35 psi at the highest connections. In systems where there is a big terrain differential, such as Sweetwater, the company is looking to accommodate this and regulate pressure across the entire distribution system. There are portions in the northern section of town where the psi is already high and in the southern where it’s too low. The company studied calibrations in the hydraulic model and looking at line connections. In the end, the company has agreed to pay for any fixes, including the fees for the new designs, installation and materials and any improvements. Legal fees and engineering fees will be discussed in detail in Executive Session.
“It is more common to raise a tank than to lower a tank.” Miller said, when asked about the possibility of lowering the tank.
Kasberg, via phone, agreed with these assessments.

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