Websites-R-Us, by Kathleen Sebelius

With Kathleen Sebelius supposedly being in trouble for the failure of a rollout that was the Obamacare website, I have to ask, why? In fact, I have to ask it twice. First of all, why Mrs. Sebelius? What's she done that's so unusual? I know that supposedly she's responsible for how bad the Obamacare website is, but come on, there was no way that thing was going to work. Personally, I'm not buying that she's being singled out because she's responsible for anything. This is government after all, nobody in government, especially in this administration, is ever responsible for what the government does, and the higher they are, the less the responsibility attached to them. After all, if people in government were going to be "responsible" for things, we would probably have to get rid of a few people, and I guess under the same "conditions of responsibility" that would include Eric Holder, at the Justice Department over the Fast and Furious debacle (among other things). Just think how actually being held personally responsible for screw-ups would decimate the ranks of the TSA. Why, attaching consequences for mistakes and bad actions to government officials, as we do in the private sector (or real world as some of us like to refer to it), would gut the government in short order.In fact, now that I think about it, if the press and the administration are going to start taking people to task for failures, how about some hearings centered around the massive amount of money the Department of Education wastes keeping our kids from getting a decent education? Or what about looking into why the Department of Energy can't do anything about our dependence on foreign oil when we have the largest known energy reserves, and skilled people desperately wanting to access them, in the world? You know, strike that about hearings and the press looking into the abject failures that are the Departments of Energy and Education. Since we're on the subject, I firmly believe any review of those two departments should be in the criminal justice system and ought to kick off with the phrase "Would the defendant(s) please rise". As an aside, if we had just closed those two departments a few weeks ago, and stopped wasting the amount of money we do on their non-accomplishments, there would have been no need to raise the debt limit.Secondly, why are we even bothering to look for someone to blame for the Obamacare non-website? What makes this particular undertaking any different than a number of other government programs? So far as I know, nobody is looking to figure out who's responsible for the failure of the "war on poverty", which particular bureaucrat is guilty of letting eleven million (the current more or less accepted number, but in reality, who knows? I mean besides the NSA) illegal aliens into the country, or even who in the government was most culpable (psst…, it wouldn't take a lot of detective work to point the finger at Barney Frank) regarding the housing market crash that brought our economy down. If we don't care enough about those kinds of things, and as of this date, all of them have cost the economy and taxpayers a lot of money, way beyond what Obamacare has cost, at least for now (that's going to change quickly). Who really believes that the administration cares whether or not one single website works? Obamacare is something that was and is being forced on a population that generally doesn't want it, and whether or not it has a nice shiny look to it or not isn't going to change that.For the people who still think The Barack actually cares whether or not the Obamacare website works, I would like to point out that if he really cared, it would work. There are a lot of people talking about how much money was spent on it (the website) and how hard it was to "coordinate" all the pieces. In fact, they make it sound like building this website was some huge, never before accomplished, monumentally earth-shaking undertaking. Well, I guess it probably was, except for Google, Amazon, Facebook, YouTube, eBay, and, well you get the point. There is no shortage of people available to the administration, or anybody else, who could put together a website that actually functions. Not only that, but my understanding is that most of the people who have already built very successful websites, capable of handling millions of visitors a day, are also big liberals. There's no doubt in my mind that if The Barack was to reach out to the people at Google, they would take his call. I bet they know somebody who could build a website that actually functions. Since clearly nobody went to the trouble to do that, the natural conclusion is an actual working website was not a high priority. I guess if the Obamacare website suddenly starts working, and has a link at the right side of the page showing a gorgeous young woman who is dying to teach you Spanish, then we'll know that the Administration did decide to hire some of the people with experience running websites that actually work. Personally, looking at how much information the NSA appears to be handling on a daily basis, I have to say there are even people in the government who could operate a website if they really wanted to. Why at the NSA, they even have enough time left over from monitoring American citizens to get a little time in listening to the German Chancellor and French Prime Minister. Hey, if it's good enough for you and me, it's good enough for a foreign head of state. Personally, I think Kathleen Sebelius is safe. To my way of thinking she is the Secretary of Health and Human Services simply because of her rabid pro-abortion status. She and The Barack are both so pro-abortion that I have to wonder what their own kids may have done to them in the past. In fact The Barack is on record as even wanting to let children who have just been born, wither away and die. For those of you who aren't aware of how The Barack and Kathleen Sebelius feel about unborn and just born children, let me suggest that if you ever meet them in person, think twice before you hand either of them a baby to kiss.Barack Obama and Kathleen Sebelius may give interviews and make public statements talking about how upset they are about how poorly the Obamacare website works, but at the end of the day, I don't believe either one of them really cares about it. As I said above, if they did, it would work. What they really care about is the control they are getting over the American health care system, and through that, the American citizens. This is, as many, many, people have already pointed out, the biggest power grab by our federal government in its history (and looking at our federal government, that's saying something). Everything else that's going on right now is only smoke and mirrors.At the end of the day, Kathleen Sebelius won't go unless she decides to "take one for the team", and, The Barack can find someone at least as radical as she is to replace her. Whatever happens, the "fix" is already in, and whatever we see will be strictly for public consumption.Bruce Kreitler is the author of Obamageddon (the Culmination of the Progressive Looting of America) and posts this and other articles at