Wells is the library Artist of the Month

Realism is the only way for Vicky Wells. Wells is the County-City Library November Artist of the Month. During the month of November, visitors of the library have the opportunity to not only view her paintings, but to get to know her subjects. "I have to know what I'm painting," Wells said. "I have had a guy come up to me and tell me that when he looks at my paintings he feels that way."Wells was able to capture not only the physical appearance, but the inner character in each of her paintings. "If only people could see what these guys really look like," Wells said. By viewing these subjects in movies and rodeos, Wells said, they just don't grasp the true size. Unless you are up close to them, it is hard to see. It is sometimes impossible to wrap your hands around one of their horns, Wells said of the longhorns she's painted."I've actually touched them," Wells said. "They are big, magnificent creatures." She has enjoyed drawing, sketching and making sculptures since she was a kid. People had always told her she had the talent. When a co-worker convinced her to take her sketches to Mike Lenier, she received even more reassurance. "One of my co-workers convinced me to take my sketches to Lenier," Wells said. "Now I am taking classes with him every Friday for two hours."Painting was always something that she knew she wanted to do. Western art and realism has always been her style of painting. She takes her own photographs that she compiles her drawings from. Living on the Cal Tex Feed Yard provides her with an unlimited amount of subjects. "Most of the bulls there are bucking bull stock," Wells said. "In between shows they will be held there."During their stay, Wells gets to know them and turns them into her masterpieces. "My first painting was that one," Wells said, as she pointed to a painting of a bull. Since she painted Rafter G Bull, Wells has painted a colt, a horse and is currently working on a portrait. She has placed best in show with one of her paintings at the West Texas Fair in Abilene. "Some artists hang in museums," Wells said. "I hang in cowboy churches."The feed store in Merkel has purchased prints from Wells and so has the cowboy church. Her paintings are done in acrylic paint. Wells encourages the community to come out and view her paintings at the County-City Library during their normal business hours. If you see something you like, Wells said that she has the originals and prints available for purchase.