Western Heritage Art Show to be held at SMA

A Special to the Reporter
Staff Writer

The SMA APPLAUSE Series will present the Western Heritage Art Show at Sweetwater Municipal Auditorium before and after the concert. It had been advertised earlier that it would be held in the Henderson Room (the former police department) ; however, renovations have not yet been completed. Western artist Jack Sorenson will present about 10 of his oil paintings at the Auditorium prior to the concert. They will also be on view after the concert. Western Heritage will be Saturday, November 4 with the Art Show opened at 6 pm and the concert by Almost Patsy Cline Band at 7:30.
Though born in 1954, Jack Sorenson grew up living the Old West lifestyle that he now depicts in his work. Growing up in Six Gun City, a dude ranch and frontier town situated on the rim of the Palo Duro Canyon and owned by his father, Sorenson was deeply embedded with a love for the stories and imagery that characterized the Old West. In his youth, Sorenson worked as a stagecoach driver, a performance gunfighter, and a horse trainer. A naturally gifted artist since childhood, Sorenson began painting full-time in 1974. After his first one-man show sold out that same year, Sorenson committed himself to a career in art and never looked back.
Jack Sorenson's work has been featured on the covers of more than five dozen western magazines, including Western Horseman, Beef, The Cattleman, The Quarter Horse Journal, and Today's Horse, and articles on his work have been published in Southwest Art, Persimmon Hill, Western Horseman and Western Art Collector, among many others. In 1996, Sorenson 's work was picked up by Leanin' Tree Greeting Card Company and he is today one of their best selling artists. In addition, his paintings have been licensed for prints, jig-saw puzzles, and wall hangings. Recognizing the warm and homespun nature of Sorenson's work, Harvest House Publishing has released two books featuring Sorenson's paintings, Everything I Know I Learned From My Grandpa in 2006, and Growing Up Cowboy in 2008. In July of 2009, the Texas Legislature passed a resolution to honor Sorenson "for his professional achievements and extend to him sincere best wishes for continued success and happiness." Today, Sorenson has been immortalized in the same Palo Duro Canyon that was so inspirational to him and instrumental in his development as an artist, by a peak frequently depicted in his artwork which has been named after him – Sorenson Point.