Western Heritage art show opens APPLAUSE concert

Sweetwater Staff
Reported by Belinda Serrano Staff WriterStaff Writer

Sweetwater Municipal Auditorium (SMA) will celebrates Western Heritage on Saturday, November 5 with the APPLAUSE Series’ Western Heritage concert and art show.
The art show, sponsored by Nolan County Coliseum and SMA, will open at 6:00 p.m. at 102 East Fourth (the south side of the Auditorium). It will close for the concert at 7:30 p.m. and open again for the APPLAUSE members’ reception following the concert.
There is no charge for the art show and it is open to the public. The concert, featuring Southwestern Pilgrimage and Friends cost $10 for adults and $5 for students. Tickets may be purchased at the door.
The Western Heritage art show will present the works of photographers Liz Mason and David Sinclair.
Liz Mason of Amarillo, Texas earned her credentials at the edge of the rodeo arena.
Mason had this to say about her passion and art:
“I earned my credentials at the edge of the rodeo arena. Summer winds blow dust clouds at 30 miles per hour covering my lenses. I happily sink into cold wet sand shooting winter horses with icicle whiskers, or the last bull rider who bucks out around midnight.
“From shooting the first July 4th, ‘Cowboy Christmas,’ I remain addicted to the color, drama, and action of rodeo. Evident are the values of self-reliance, tough determination, and belief in God. And, if one happens to be in the middle years of what would be a very long life, one is called Ma’am.
“That took some getting used to …I had been long away from folks with such manners and gentile ways. A Cowboy removes his hat upon greeting a lady. He is always mindful of the example he sets for the young ones.
“Rodeo folks inhabit a cultural oasis in the modern age. Many times I have trusted a complete stranger who sat near me to watch my expensive gear. I don’t know where else I might confidently do that.
“If you happen to be at a rodeo, bull riding, roping, or barrel race and you spot a woman who appears to be in the middle of what would be a very looonnng life sitting on an old saddle pad, wearing a ball cap and holding a camera with a heavy lens, that is me.”
Mason’s works can be viewed on her website www.lizmasonphotos.com .