What training, exactly, would you like the federal government to pass on?

Before we get into other matters, I have one question. Can we stop referring to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) as "non-partisan"? I get that it (the CBO) is supposed to give straight answers based on the information given, but if you will look very, very carefully at the name, the word "Congressional" kind of gives away that this is some kind of government entity. As such, it's probably staffed by government employees, who get government checks and thus have an interest in, or bias for, wait for it, the government. On second thought, they are probably not any more partisan than say…, hmmm, the IR$, EPA, or lately, the Department of Justice. I stopped believing in even-handed fairness from government agencies a long time ago, no matter how many times the media and the government (two entities we have all learned to trust) say something is "non-partisan". Personally, I find it a little insulting that the-powers-that-be expect me to believe the CBO is totally unbiased and not influenced by pressure from other government agencies.Having gotten that off my chest, I want to talk a little bit about "training". One of the many feel-good things The Barack harps on, when he can be bothered to appear to care about jobs, is a need for training people for the jobs that are out there, or will maybe be out there at some indeterminate point in the future. Personally, I think that indeterminate point will be some time after he's out of office, but looking at the damage he's done to our economy, it may take a years before the job market looks like it did before he came along. If in fact it ever truly recovers. Obamacare alone looks set to wipe out a lot of jobs entirely, and turn many previously full time jobs into part-time work. If The Barack gets his wishes vis-à-vis raising minimum wage to three hundred dollars an hour, or whatever ridiculous amount he's talking about this week, that could just be the cherry on top of Obamacare's job stifling effect.So getting back to training, what exactly makes The Barack, and other people in our government think that they are the right people to decide what kind of training and how much training people need to compete in the work force (or what's left of it)? Looking at our federal government and what it has, and hasn't, accomplished (mostly hasn't) I have to say I'm a little leery of hiring someone who has been "trained" according to what some federal bureaucrat decides is a good skill set. Let's see, I guess we could have the federal government train people to be local law enforcement officers. After all, our potential police and security guards could take lessons in tracking down fugitives from Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents (ICE). After all, ICE has successfully located the ten to fifteen million illegal aliens who are livin…, oh, on second thought, maybe ICE may not be the best instructors here. I know, the Justice Department could give our budding officers training in tracking down smugglers, breaking up their operations, and arresting the people responsible. Something like they did in the fast and furious gun smuggling operatio…, whoops, guess that one wouldn't work either. Maybe federal agents training local law enforcement officers might not be such a good idea after all. While the information in the above paragraph might be useful in pointing out some of the bigger failings of a few government agencies, frankly, for government, that just seems to be business as usual. For example you might think that some of the best accountants and detail orientated people the U.S. government has working for them would be in the IR$. While I don't know if the IR$ is staffed by the "cream of the crop", I do know that when they can tear themselves away from targeting conservative political groups, they find time to make a lot of heavy handed mistakes. I remember recently reading a story about a six year old, who was being hounded by the IR$, who had to write them a letter in crayon telling them that her mother could indeed speak to the IR$ on her behalf. That was a sad/amusing story, but pointedly it didn't mention whether or not the IR$ decided to let the six year old off the hook or not. Gosh, I hope IR$ agents don't show up at her door to seize her Easy-Bake oven in lieu of the taxes they say she owes. Shoot, they can't do that, the government has already outlawed the incandescent light bulbs an Easy-Bake needs to operate; more government efficiency on display. That's okay, the way the EPA is waging war on coal fired power plants, it may not be that long before electricity is too precious to use powering an Easy Bake oven anyway.Getting back to "training" as thought of by the federal government; does The Barack mean to say that the job destroying, money wasting, inefficient mess that is our current federal government is going to figure out how to train workers? Seriously? Who's going to come up with this program? Is it going to be the bureaucrats who are in charge of doling out unemployment benefits? Are the people currently in charge of paying people not to work about to be tasked with motivating a new generation of hard chargers (in fairness, a lot of this happens at the state level, at least until the feds can completely absorb or control it)? That's how a lot of these kinds of things have been done before and as a working person, I have to say I view those programs as dismal, money-wasting failures. In other words, they would fit right in with the rest of the federal government. As someone who has indeed worked with people who were trained for some kind of job by a government, or quasi-government, entity, I have to say I don't know exactly what kind of training they received, but as far as I could tell, it didn't have much to do with accomplishing anything. Government trained people seem to be really, really fascinated by process, but somehow getting actual results appears to be a low priority.Now personally, and I know that on the conservative side I'm in the minority here, I think Barack Obama understands perfectly well how the private sector and the "jobs" market works. After all, if you want to totally dismantle something, it sure helps if you know exactly where to apply the monkey wrenches. Be that as it may, I've always thought it to be the height of arrogance for governmental bureaucrats to preach to the private sector about training workers. The federal government has shown that not only does it not have an institutional ability to know what it takes to be efficient and productive, but additionally seems to have an uncanny skill at reducing formerly productive people to nothing more than bureaucratic drones in short order.No matter what The Barack and the rest of the left may be up to, as far as "training" workers for private sector jobs goes, going by past history, I would have to say our federal government would be the absolute last organization I would pick for that particular "job".Bruce Kreitler is the author of Obamageddon (the Culmination of the Progressive Looting of America) and posts this and other articles at BruceKreitler.com.