Whataburger's Biggest Fans continue auction, restaurant promotion

"Whataburger's Biggest Fans" Karl and Carol Hoepfner are still raising money for the Whataburger Foundation as a way to give back to the restaurant through their online auction.But in their continued pursuit to support the Whataburger Foundation--an organization of the restaurant that helps Whataburger employees when they fall into hard personal times, the prices have been lowered. All boxes left on the online auction block are less than $15 (there will also be a $5 postage and insurance fee per box).The list of remaining items can be found on Karl's blog at www.karlboyd.com (Karl Boyd is his pen name), under the "Karl's Korner" section. Bids can be made by using the email address posted on the page, which also lays out the bidding process and other instructions.The retired couple from Rockport, Texas stopped by the Sweetwater location in November 2011--their 462nd stop in their journey of visiting all 729 Whataburger locations. And during their trek, each location gave gifts to the Hoepfners older promotional items like t-shirts, caps, pens, pins, towels, neckerchiefs and other specialty items.These items have now been split up and placed into 130 Whataburger Chicken boxes. While they have seen some sales, Karl noted that the momentum of the auction still hasn't quite picked up yet in his goal to raise $5,000.The Hoepfners' journey of visiting Whataburger began in April 2011, in order to pass the time during Carol's radiation treatments--who had been diagnosed with eye cancer--at MD Anderson. After visiting the 90-plus Whataburgers in the Houston area, they decided to visit every Whataburger establishment--which spans over 10 states, mainly in the South, from Arizona to Georgia.Unfortunately, the couple is still battling and overcoming some health issues, but it seems as if nothing will stand in their way to give back to the restaurant that has had such a huge role in their lives.Said Karl in an email statement, "We are still trying to assist those who helped us along the way on our [Whataburger] tour."After their final Whataburger stop on August 8, 2012, the company held a celebration in the Hoepfners' honor and gave them a brand-new Chrysler minivan to replace the one that endured 20,000 miles on their visits. But in an effort to still promote Whataburger, Karl shared how he and Carol have personalized the van.They added an orange and white license plate that says "WB1FAN"--a nod to their title. They were awarded with the honor of being "Whataburger's Biggest Fans" after they entered and won an essay contest in November 2010 explaining why they love the restaurant and its food.In addition, they put a decal of the orange Whataburger tent, the unique marker citing an order number, with their lucky #13. They also added extra decals on the front of the car "to advertise for our family," said Karl."You'll know it's us when we come through your town," he joked.