Woman’s Forum planning for Pumpkins on the Porch

The Pioneer City County Museum continues to be a vital part of the community. With community support, the Museum hopes to use the money raised to continue their community projects and programs. This spring the Museum hosted Dr. Shelley Wachsmann's "The Sea of Galilee Boat" lecture to a fantastic turnout and hope to continue bringing more people and programs that the community will enjoy. The museum is compiling and republishing histories of Sweetwater by prominent citizens, such as Judge R. C. Crane and Carlos X. Alvarado. Preserving and reprinting these original publications and photographs requires costly supplies.The museum offers the public opportunities to learn about the area they live in, as well as serves as a place for clubs and organizations to host meetings, luncheons and parties. The Ragland Home offers a beautiful venue for weddings and graduation, birthday, anniversary and Christmas parties. Local school children take yearly field trips to the museum and adults fondly remember these special trips from childhood. Local nursing homes bring their residents for tours and, according to Museum staff, "It never fails that we learn more from them then they do from us." Sadly, with all non-profit funding being cut at the federal level, museums such as the Pioneer Museum have very small budgets. As a result, the Ragland Home in which the museum resides has fallen into disrepair and requires the help of the community.The Woman's Forum has always supported the museum with various fundraisers. This year the women kick off a new annual project called "A Night at the Museum" which will coincide with the museum's annual "Pumpkins on the Porch" celebration on Oct. 26. The night gives children in the area the opportunity for a safe, fun night out and allows the adults to revisit the museum and see it in a new light. "With your support we hope to use the monies raised to keep yesterday's history alive by continuing our museum's community projects and programs while ensuring the home in which the museum lives remains an asset for tomorrow's children."Call Gayle Greer at 325-236-6998 to have a Woman's Forum representative collect your tax-deductible donations, or they may be mailed by Oct. 26 to Woman's Forum, c/o Janet Setliff, PO Box 1339, Sweetwater, Texas 79556. Please make checks payable to Woman's Forum with Pioneer Museum in the memo line.