Word of God Church acknowledges five years

The Word of God ministry is acknowledging five years of God's blessings upon the church. Five years ago the Lord inspired a vision for this ministry to be manifested. Even though the workings of it started years earlier in Pastor Dale Stowe's life, the reality of it started Jan. 29, 2006. Much of what the Lord has envisioned has come to pass, but there is more to come."We as a body of Christ and a ministry have endured the mountains and valleys of the struggles, attacks and walk of faith that go on during the building of something that God wants to perform. Yet, this ministry still stands. The blessings and the fruits of God's presence are very visible in the ministry," said Stowe.The church started in the back room of the Water Jug. "After a month, the Lord blessed us with a move to 310 Oak Street to accommodate the growth. Many blessings came during that time, but God soon blessed us with and moved us to 311 Ash where we now reside."It was an old run down building that needed much work. "We received it with thankfulness and went to work. After clean-up that took many days and seven thirty-yard dumpsters, we were blessed by our Lord with the means and way to redo half of the building for services, classes and fellowship hall, which have turned out to be beautiful. After the completion of the sanctuary and classrooms, we were blessed to be able to see the start and finish of the teen ministry side and the warehouse built into 'The Rock'. With the roof caved in, the damage was great but continued until we finished what God wanted produced. Since then we have been blessed with the old Ford House that was burned up and fallen down, which we cleaned up and once again the Lord blessed us with a new building for future use. Also the Lord blessed us with the lot and building behind the church, which we have produced into the 'Tween' building to minister to the 11 and 12-year-olds," said Stowe."We have seen large numbers of salvation be produced by God in this ministry and discipleship become strong within this ministry with those who endure. The fruits of God's grace continue to be produced for the workings of the ministry. They are very evident if you look. We are a ministry that seeds to this town and the people in it. In many ways the love of God is shown, as He tells us to."The ministry of The Rock has reached and helped many youth according to Pastor Dale Stowe. "You have to see the inside of The Rock; we have skateboard ramps, rock climbing wall, pool table, air hockey, foos-ball, basketball area, volleyball, snack concession, video games and much more. Most do not even know what exists in there. You will be amazed," he said. "If you really think about it, it is amazing what the Lord has done in five years. There is a reason.""Here we stand five years down the road, not just a ministry, but a blessed ministry. Even though Satan has tried to tear it down, God has done nothing but build up. Does this not show the hand of God on this ministry?"If you are looking for a home ministry or are curious why God's hand is on this ministry so strong with grace and blessings, Pastor Stowe invites you to see the blessings and fruits of what God has put together in this ministry. This Sunday on Jan. 30, between 3-6 p.m. the church will have an open house with refreshments, fellowship, love, music and The Rock opened for fun.