Cases of COVID-19 have been going up in our area. The latest numbers from the Texas Health and Human Services website, which offers case counts by county, shows an increase from 6 confirmed cases on December 22.

According to the data, in Nolan County, there have been 2,576 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in total, 24 probably cases, 85 deaths, an estimated current 43 active cases and an estimated 2,474 recovered cases thus far. 

The Center for Disease Control recently updated their guidelines when it comes to quarantine/isolation and on wearing a mask”

On January 4, CDC updated COVID-19 isolation and quarantine recommendations with shorter isolation (for asymptomatic and mildly ill people) and quarantine periods of 5 days to focus on the period when a person is most infectious, followed by continued masking for an additional 5 days.

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