More welding torches are being used in the Welding Technology lab

at Texas State Technical College’s Sweetwater campus.

Instructor Taylor Elston is excited to see 26 new students, including two women, beginning their journey to a career as a welder. Elston said the new group is the largest he has had in his four

years of teaching at TSTC, and he is hoping it is a sign of things to come.

“A majority of the students are under the age of 20,” he said. “A few of them did some welding in high school, and about half have done stick welding.”

Elston said watching their development will be interesting to observe.

“We have a wide variety of skill levels, but everyone is doing a really good job since they got here,” he said. “They are all eager to learn. I was able to see that the first week we started.”

Elston also works with dual enrollment program students from Colorado and Sweetwater high

schools. Four Sweetwater seniors and eight Colorado juniors are participating in the program.

“It is going well with the high school students. They are eager to get here and start welding,” he

said. “It is good to have the dual enrollment program available.”...

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