Attorney Chris Hartman Sues Over Claim He Forged John Sullivan’s Will

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The plot thickens. Sweetwater Attorney Chris Hartman on Wednesday filed suit in Nolan County against his ex-wife for defamation. Katie Rae Hartman signed an affidavit under oath accusing Chris Hartman of forging John Sullivan’s will which John Young’s attorneys used in filing a motion for a new trial.
Chris Hartman is the attorney John Young hired to probate John Sullivan’s will, which has been proven to be a forgery. San Angelo bail bondsman Ray Zapata was convicted of forging the will and was sentenced to six months in jail. He is appealing that conviction.
John Young was found guilty of theft, forgery and money laundering in November. Chris Hartman was given immunity for his testimony in Young’s trial. In his testimony, Hartman admitted he lied to a grand jury about money he received from Young and transferred to Zapata.
As we reported earlier, Katie Hartman says she witnessed Chris Hartman forge John Sullivan’s will. Her sworn statement says she was in fear for her life because Chris Hartman threatened her.
In the defamation suit, Chris Hartman says Katie Hartman, “has utilized spoken words, social media, and the internet to maliciously make and publish false statements concerning Defendant (Katie Hartman) and his business, including those imputing Plaintiff (Chris Hartman) of a criminal offense; a loathsome disease; a matter adversely affecting Plaintiff’s fitness for trade, business, or profession; and serious sexual misconduct, that Defendant knew to be false but nonetheless purposefully published which have resulted in reputational damages and material damage to Plaintiff and his business.”
Chris Hartman says he has suffered actual damages in the suit. “As a direct result aforementioned acts and occurrences by Defendant, Plaintiff suffered and sustained damages for injury to character and reputation; injury to feelings; and great mental pain, suffering and anguish.”
“Furthermore, Plaintiff sustained injury and damages to his trade, business, and profession and his reputation in each. Plaintiff will continue to suffer in this manner for a long time into the future, if not for the balance of his natural life. As a further result of the acts and occurrences of Defendant, Plaintiff sustained damages including loss of earning capacity and loss of past and future income and revenues.” according to the suit.
Hartman is seeking a temporary injunction to prevent Katie Hartman from making and publishing any further false statements. The suit requests the 32nd District Court to order Katie Hartman to answer the suit within 50 days.