Nolan County Renewal Project Celebrates Recovery of Mind and Body

The Nolan County Renewal Project just completed its third class cycle in a program called Mind-Fit.

The N.C.R.P is a local non-profit that brings counseling and other programs dealing with mental health and wellness to our community at discounted prices if needed. 

One of the programs currently running through the N.C.R.P is Mind-fit. Created by Stacy Boil, president of the N.C.R.P.

Stacy Created Mind-fit to bring an holistic approach to mental health and wellness of the body. 

This six-seven week course is run by Stacy and Nick Boil at their gym Faith Fitness Gym. A local small business located at 2401 E. Broadway.

It’s a  6 week program with exercise, nutrition, mindfulness, mental health, and spirituality. All done at Faith Fitness Gym. 

A majority of our participants are from Drug court and celebrate recovery. 

It is a fantastic program.” Boil said.

Each week the participants participate in a

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